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If you've reached your ideal body weight through diet and exercise but you still have an excess of skin and fat in your abdominal area that will not reduce, we'd like to recommend abdominoplasty or as it's usually known, a "tummy tuck."

There are many ways this extra skin and fat stays around the abdominal area, and no amount of diet or exercise will eliminate it:

  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Loss of elasticity in the skin
  • Sudden, extreme weight loss

Our procedure involves separating the skin from your abdominal wall after the initial incision has been made from hip to hip. Then, we bring your abdominal muscles closer together and affix them in place. Finally, we stretch the skin back down, remove excess skin, and make a new spot for your navel.

Depending on the scope of your surgery, many of our patients go home the same day. After a few days, all of your stitches will be removed and you can get started on the healing process. Most patients can expect to return to all activities in 3-4 weeks.